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At Floor n More we work to bring your  ideas to life! We have a knack for helping you get your spaces the way you want them. We can work with your architect, or help you design something that you have envisioned. Either way our courteous staff will help you create the environment that fulfills your expectations and leaves you with an inner satisfaction that only comes from your home.


Bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas are finished with distinction, and charm. Fro
m a simple make over to ornate, exotic stones and marble. We will help you create a room invigorated with charm and allowing for a wisp of romantc allure!

Inviting spaces that reflect the essence of you and your home!

Shaw:  Where great carpet, rugs, hardwood, ceramic, and laminate flooring begin


At Floor n More we are active in bidding and producing all types of public and commercial projects. We have crews that can do the full spectrum of Division 9 finishes.

 From hardwood to mud beds, and all types in between. We take the same care on our commercial and public projects as we would in your home! Our goal is to help project managers, general contractors, architects and other trades to accomplish the project in a timely and efficient manor. We work to keep costs within budget, including communicating specificications to the team leaders overseeing the project. Conveying potential issues that might cause a delay or overrun before it is a problem. We hold regular meetings and training to implement the latest safety practices, installation innovations, and tools to complete the task at hand.

From a small bath, to a huge hall, we are the one to call!

Join us in the shade of
Quality, Value & Integrity